By: Laura Petix, MS OTR/L

Handwriting and letter formation become integrated faster and with more ease when practiced in a multi-sensory fashion. Hands on learning greatly improves the ability to recall and learn proper letter formation.

There are so many different ways to practice writing letters and numbers, but I have a few favorites that I am always using at the clinic:

  1. Shaving Cream: Slather shaving cream on a desk surface and write with fingers.
  2. Sensory Bins: In a shallow baking dish or tray, fill it with beans, glitter, jewels, or salt and write with fingers.
  3. Play-do letters: Print out your favorite letter cards, and roll out the play-do to place onto the letters.
  4. Using wikki-stix to form letters. (This is great for bilateral coordination!)
  5. With Glue: When gluing crafts together, rather than slathering on glue all over the back, write letters and have the student trace it with a glue stick or liquid glue.

6. With Sticks in sand

7. With Dominoes. (Check out these printable domino letter templates)

letter formation practice

8. Writing with a toothpick in putty or play-do

9. Tracing in the air

10. Using a finger to write letters on sand paper.


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Laura Petix, MS OTR/L

I’m an enneagram 6, so my brain is constantly moving. My OT lenses never turn off and I can’t “un-see” the sensory and other developmental skills that go in to literally every activity. I love taking what I see and breaking it down into simple terms so parents can understand what goes into their child’s behavior and skills.

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