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OT 4 Lyfe

The OTher Half of Occupational Therapy

Ever wonder what other people think of the profession of occupational therapy? Especially those who are close to us, like our friends and family members, who hear us talk about OT all day long. In this episode, Sarah brings on a few previous podcast guests who all eat, breath, and sleep OT and also their spouses to have a conversation about the profession of occupational therapy coming from the lens of their other halves. On the show we have Danielle Delorenzo and her husband Chris, Miranda Donnelly and her husband Sean, Laura Petix and her husband Mark, and rounding out the panel is Sarah’s husband and other half Ray Putt. If you happened to have missed Danielle, Miranda, or Laura on their previous episodes, you can find links to each of them in the show notes so be sure to check those out to hear more of their stories. But today, we’re focusing on the other half of occupational therapy.

Sensory Integration and the Transformation from Clinic to Home

Laura Petix, MS, OTR/L joins the show today to talk about all things sensory. She shares her role as an occupational therapist working within a sensory gym and the importance of educating parents to explain what sensory integration is and how it affects development. We dive deep into how to bridge the gap between providing therapy in a sensory clinic and how best to facilitate carry over for the clients at home, school and in the community.

In addition to her work as an occupational therapist working in pediatrics, Laura also shares her personal journey as a mom with a child who has sensory needs and how this has impacted her practice. To hear more from Laura, you can follow her @TheOTButterfly.

Teacher Hustle Podcast

How this OT Scaled her TPT Business and Launched a Mini-course in under a year

Laura is chatting with us today about how she took on marketing her TPT business from almost day one, and she shares how staying in communication with her ideal audience sparked an idea to grow her business. Laura walks us through the ins and outs of creating and launching a mini-course, and she did it all on a budget!

The Sensory Project Show

Everything You Need to Know about Crossing Midline

We decided to dive into an oftentimes not-discussed topic – crossing midline – because we know how important this skill is in a child’s development!

The Autism & Sensory Parenting Podcast

How to Decrease Sensory Sensitivities

Today you will be hearing an interview with an Occupational Therapist.  We will be discussing lots of great information about sensory sensitivities and what to do if your child is sensitive to certain types of sensory input.  We will even delve into the question is it sensory or is it behavior and how it is different.

The Mom Room

Sensory Sensitivity in Children

 Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Laura Petix, tells us what Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is, the difference between SPD and a sensory quirk, why a proper assessment is so important, and what parents can do if they suspect their child is sensory sensitive or a sensory seeker. 

Mr. Chazz’s Leadership, Parenting and Teaching Podcast

How to Handle Hitting with an Occupational Therapist

Learn about the underlying sensory reasons that may be contributing to behaviors such as running away or hitting.