Conscious Discipline with a Neurodivergent Child

Join me and the amazing Mr. Chazz Lewis as he educates us on what Conscious Discipline is, and what it isn’t…and more importantly, how you can apply conscious discipline methods to a neurodivergent child.

Mr. Chazz’s mission is to help adults truly see, guide and trust children. He is pushing the needle a little closer toward world peace. He goes by, “Mr. Chazz” and he even has a song to prove it. He has been a teacher of teachers and parents for a decade. He has worked with many schools, thousands of teachers and thousands of children. He has trained thousands of teachers in person and virtually. [continue reading]

Is it a Meltdown or a Tantrum? Interview with Dr. AnnLouise Lockhart

Did you know that there’s a difference between a meltdown and a tantrum? It’s important for parents and professionals to differentiate between the two because it gives us so much insight into our children and allows us to better support them in the best ways. Listen to this episode’s interview with Dr. AnnLouise Lockhart to find out how to identify the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum and some important tips to keep you on the right track. [continue reading]

How to have the “sensory cup” talk

One thing I’m always preaching to my clients, my in person clients, my virtual parent coaching clients and the parents in the Sensory WISE Solutions program is that it’s important to have the “sensory cup” talk with your child. You know, as long as they have the language capabilities to understand. It’s important for your child to understand that their brain processes sensory input differently and it’s even more important for them to understand that there’s nothing wrong with that. Listen to this episode to see how I talk about it with my 4 year old. [continue reading]

Is it Sensory or Is it Behavior?

All behavior is a form of communication, but sometimes it can be hard to decipher what our children are communicating. When kids hit, kick, spit, punch, throw or push, parents often ask me, “is this sensory or is it behavior?”

I’m here to end that debate once and for all. Well, maybe not end it, but at least help you reframe it.

Because what the real question should be is “What is it my child is trying to communicate with me right now?”

Listen to this episode to hear more about the sensory and behavior link. [continue reading]

Tips for Building Self Regulation Skills

Co-regulation is something that will always be part of us as human beings. We are social beings and need the interaction, social transaction and intimacy and trust with another human being. But we can’t always rely on others to regulate ourselves, and we do want the ultimate goal for our children to be some version of self-regulation. I want to share with you what you can do now to build towards self regulation. [continue reading]