Is Disneyland possible with a neurodivergent, sensory-sensitive child? YUP.

Consider me your sensory-godmother

I’ll guide you on your Disneyland journey to help make the magic possible. Let me lend you my sensory goggles to customize your day’s plans to fit your child’s sensory needs like a glass slipper.

“The SPD Disneyland Survival Guide was a game-changer for us!

Megan, mom of 4 y/o

Attractions at Disneyland might be hard if you have a child who’s sensitive to:

Vestibular input

Fast movement, tilting, backward, sudden drops, sharp turns, spinning, lifting up (with feet off the ground)

Tactile (touch) input

Splashes of water, vibration, bumpy rides, lap belts or seat belts

Auditory (sound) input

Loud sounds, unexpected sounds, alarm sounds, fireworks, sound effects, scary voices/evil laughing, screaming, singing

Visual input

Pitch black, bright lights, scary characters, heights, scary visuals, 3D visuals

Smell input

Scented sprays, chemicals in water, smells from exhaust/ride tracks

That’s why I created the

SPD Parent’s Survival Guide to Disneyland


You don’t have to spend extra time on youtube searching for the ride’s videos. Inside the guide, you’ll find embedded, recent videos of each attraction, including rides. Use this to prep your child for what to expect.


I rode every single attraction multiple times to try as best as possible to create an objective measurement of each sensory experience of each ride. You’ll get a rating scale and the exact details of what kinds of sensory input is offered on the ride, so you know which ones to avoid.


Learn the ins and outs (including the technical details) on how to obtain a DAS pass for your neurodivergent child and how to make the most use out of it.


I’ll walk you through the mobile app and how to use it, secret places for sensory breaks (and places to calm down after a meltdown) as well as some ideas of things to bring and sensory strategies to try while you’re there.


Access to 6 social story templates that you can customize for your child to help prepare them for their trip to Disneyland.


A step by step worksheet to help you filter out rides and attractions based on your specific child’s sensory needs.

Spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the trip, take it from Rebekah, mom to a 4-year-old

… and Ava, mom of a 6 and 9 year old:

… but check out what Megan, mom of a 4 year old thinks:

… And Kat’s win with her 3 year old:

You’ve already invested hundreds of dollars on tickets and accommodations, don’t let this trip flop by not prepping for the parks. 

One thing I’ve learned about being a parent to a neurodivergent child is that surprises, uncertainty, and the unexpected are massive triggers for meltdowns and dysregulation.

Disneyland is already full of so much uncertainty, especially for first time goers.

Let’s take the mystery out of as much of your child’s Disney trip as possible, by preparing them (and you) for what to expect.

For example, what a ride will look like, feel like, smell like and sound like.

What the lines will look like.

What the entrance/security process will be like.

The SPD Parent’s survival guide to Disneyland includes ALL of this and so much more. You can watch videos of each ride, and create social stories to better prepare them for their big trip.

This isn’t a “we’ll figure it out when we get there” kind of trip.

When it comes to making the most out of any Disneyland trip, you’ll want to have some sort of game plan.

The last thing you want to do is hop on a ride without knowing what it will be like or what triggers might pop up. Trust me… there are some really unexpectedly scary rides that are supposedly for “young children” scattered throughout Disneyland. You’ll want to do a thorough deep dive on each attraction before unknowingly walking into a trigger mine trap for your child.

When the game plan involves planning around sensory breaks, meltdowns and triggers, you’ll need a lot more inside scoop and information than the website and any ol’ Disney blogger could give you.

Everybody deserves to experience a little Pixie Dust magic. Let me help you make this the best day ever


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this guide also applicable to Disney World?

No, the tips and insights, including sensory rating scales and app navigation instructions are specific to the California Disneyland Resort & Disney California Adventure.

I don’t have a trip planned yet, but plan to in the future, will this still help?

Yes! This vault will constantly be updated with the seasons as Disneyland adds new attractions or changes them. No matter when you plan to take your Disneyland trip, this vault will be helpful. 

Isn’t all this information out there online somewhere for free?

I share a lot of tips and tricks on my instagram page, and there are some blogs you could find and youtube videos to search. However, the value of this vault is the fact that it’s all packaged together in one place, saving you time. You also have the peace of mind knowing that it’s all taken from an OT’s perspective, so you know I’ve thought of every single sensory perspective that most parents or Disney bloggers don’t think of. 

I even cross referenced information that’s on the Disneyland website and app regarding sensory experiences for each ride, and I found that they didn’t include a lot of hidden sensory inputs and triggers that I know are huge for some sensory and Autistic children.

What age is this guide for?

The information provided. in this vault is not age specific. It gives you a comprehensive, detailed look into each ride, attraction, and gives you some suggestions for best areas with a rest break/quiet bathrooms, etc.

You can use this for any age. 

You mentioned 6 social story templates, what topics do they cover?

There are 6 social story templates with suggested phrasing and narrations to prepare your child for:

  • Meeting Characters at Disneyland
  • Going to visit Disneyland California Adventure (includes tips on talking about hotel stays, routine changes)
  • Loud sounds at Disneyland
  • Safe Behaviors at Disneyland
  • Expected Behaviors at Disneyland
  • Being Flexible at Disneyland
Do you offer refunds?

No, once the digital product has been received on your end, there are no refunds for the guide. However, if the system shows that you have not logged into the vault or accessed the content, you can choose to apply your credit towards another one of my products or services, such as my Sensory Is Behavior course, 1:1 coaching or a future Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions group coaching program. Send me an email at for more information.