Poddcast cover photo with Mom in pink hat wearing a mask hugging girl with headphones and mask.

Update on our Eval Journey

As a pediatric OT, I have had to jump through hurdles and hoops just to get medical professionals to actively listen to my concerns about my daughter.

Just when I thought I got the “golden ticket” for an eval, another hurdle pops up.
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Is it Sensory or Is it Behavior?

All behavior is a form of communication, but sometimes it can be hard to decipher what our children are communicating. When kids hit, kick, spit, punch, throw or push, parents often ask me, “is this sensory or is it behavior?”

I’m here to end that debate once and for all. Well, maybe not end it, but at least help you reframe it.

Because what the real question should be is “What is it my child is trying to communicate with me right now?”

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The 2022 Mindset for Parents of Neurodivergent Kids

It’s so amazing how much a shift in mindset can positively impact progress in your own parenting journey as well as your neurodivergent child’s journey. Sometimes we can feel like we’re stuck, not making progress and we try to find all the right solutions and tricks and hacks, but what we need most is a mindset shift, or at least a mindset re-set.
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Motherhood: unscripted

My whole experience of motherhood has been completely different than what I had envisioned, and that’s okay, but it needs to be talked about. I don’t love this version of motherhood. I’m not enjoying the role I play as Mom. I miss the old me. Raising a neurodivergent child is hard. So many thoughts are unraveled in this episode, and I share a lot of vulnerable thoughts and feelings about motherhood, in an unscripted way. I also share a lot of confessions and frustrations that other moms have shared with me. [continue reading]

Going through a rough patch

This episode is completely unscripted but was so therapeutic for me to just talk and vent it all out. I’ll talk about why it’s so hard to keep up with her regulation, what’s going on with her at school, and even touch on our tough decision of not having any more children. [continue reading]