Struggling with school refusal? Here’s what a therapist would do.

Do you have a child who refuses going to school and you either can’t figure out why or can’t figure out how to best help them? In this episode, Natasha Daniels educates us on what to do (what not to do) and general strategies for responding to school refusal. She also talks about some common school accommodations you can ask for to help your child have a more successful day. [continue reading]

How to have the “sensory cup” talk

One thing I’m always preaching to my clients, my in person clients, my virtual parent coaching clients and the parents in the Sensory WISE Solutions program is that it’s important to have the “sensory cup” talk with your child. You know, as long as they have the language capabilities to understand. It’s important for your child to understand that their brain processes sensory input differently and it’s even more important for them to understand that there’s nothing wrong with that. Listen to this episode to see how I talk about it with my 4 year old. [continue reading]

The 2022 Mindset for Parents of Neurodivergent Kids

It’s so amazing how much a shift in mindset can positively impact progress in your own parenting journey as well as your neurodivergent child’s journey. Sometimes we can feel like we’re stuck, not making progress and we try to find all the right solutions and tricks and hacks, but what we need most is a mindset shift, or at least a mindset re-set.
[continue reading]

Motherhood: unscripted

My whole experience of motherhood has been completely different than what I had envisioned, and that’s okay, but it needs to be talked about. I don’t love this version of motherhood. I’m not enjoying the role I play as Mom. I miss the old me. Raising a neurodivergent child is hard. So many thoughts are unraveled in this episode, and I share a lot of vulnerable thoughts and feelings about motherhood, in an unscripted way. I also share a lot of confessions and frustrations that other moms have shared with me. [continue reading]

Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Needs

It’s our job as parents and educators to make sure that our children’s learning styles and sensory needs are supported and accommodated in the classroom. What are some of the classroom modifications and accommodations we can ask for to support our children with sensory differences? I’ll answer that in this podcast episode. [continue reading]