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Your friendly, Disney-loving sensory expert OT mom at your service! Check out all my resources below with a variety of price ranges. You’ll find something for parents, teachers or therapists. Thank you for being here and for helping make the world a more neurodiverse affirming place.

Consult with Laura 1:1

Are you a parent dying for more information, knowledge, and education on sensory processing or other developmental skills? Want to ask an OT directly about those burning questions you’ve got instead of going down google rabbit holes? Schedule a call with me today.

You can ask questions about:

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Accommodations for the classroom
  • How to seek professional support
  • How to speak about Sensory Processing Disorder or neurodiversity in general
  • How “gentle parent” a neurodivergent kid
  • My speciality is between the ages of 3-12

*This call does not substitute medical advice or an OT evaluation, assessment or in person consultation.
*This call is strictly for educational and informational purposes.


I’m a no-fluff kind of person. I only give you the “need-to-know” information in these crash-course workshops so you can leave them feeling inspired and knowing exactly what to do rather than having a sense of information overload.

Heavy Work Webinar

Crash course information on what heavy work is and how you can integrate it into your daily life.

Demystifying Meltdowns Workshop

Learn how to support your child before, during, after and between meltdowns.


If you want a deeper dive into a specific topic and split up into small, bite sized lessons- these courses are for you.

The Just Right Challenge (JRC) Toolbox

A parent’s self-paced course and activity vault to support their sensory sensitive child through daily tasks with less stress, overwhelm and dysregulation.

Sensory Detectives Boot Camp

4 week group coaching program for parents & educators to teach them how to find the best sensory regulation tools for their child.


A mix of PDFs, videos and hand outs to help guide you through specific challenges or events coming up for your neurodivergent child.

From Stressed to Dressed

From Stressed to Dressed

A step by step home program to help your sensory sensitive child add more clothes to their wardrobe.

Disney Land SPD Survival Guide

Disneyland SPD Guide

The inside guide to navigating Disneyland with a neurodivergent child.

Download a Freebie!

Editable Social Story

Editable Social Story -Opening Presents

Help your child learn the dynamics of holiday presents with this customizable social story template.

Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays

Tips and tricks to make the holiday season less stressful and more regulating for your child!

Editable Social Story - Halloween

Editable Social Story – Halloween

This template will make it easy for you to create a social story for your neurodivergent child to prepare them for Halloween!

Who Needs Heavy Work

Who Needs Heavy Work

Find out what sensory profiles and specific behaviors in children indicate that they could benefit from more opportunities to engage in heavy work.

Demystifying Meltdowns

Demystifying Meltdowns

Learn how to support your child before, during, and after a meltdown as well as what a meltdown is and why it happens!

Sensory Sensitive Check List

Sensory Sensitive Check List

Read through a short list of observable behaviors and character traits that are commonly associated with sensory sensitive profiles.

Sensory Friendly Clothes

Sensory Friendly Clothes

The golden list of researched and crowd sourced sensory sensitive child’s clothing that meet all their needs!

A Beginners Guide to Sensory Processing

A Beginners Guide to Sensory Processing

A time-saving cheat sheet for parents who want a quick glance into the 3 main sensory profiles: Sensory Seekers,Sensory Avoiders and Sensory Under Responders, including common signs, behaviors and helpful strategies.

Free Email Script for your Child's Teacher

Free Email Script for your Child’s Teacher

Unsure how to to tell your child’s new teacher about their challenges/quirks/needs? Here is a free template with an example email about how to open a dialogue about your child’s needs in the classroom.

Parent Guide to Sensory Profiles

Parent Guide to Sensory Profiles

A parent’s guide to understanding different sensory profiles including, over responsive, under responsive, and sensory cravers

The Ultimate Grasp Development Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Grasp Development Cheat Sheet

Parents, teachers and therapists: Use this guide with developmental patterns, hacks and more information about grasp patterns