Welcome, I’m Laura

Are you a parent dying for more information, knowledge and education on sensory processing or other developmental skills? Want to ask an OT directly about those burning questions you’ve got that’s making you down google rabbit holes? Schedule a call with me today.

You can ask questions about:

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Accommodations for the classroom
  • How to seek professional support
  • How to speak to family members about Sensory Processing Disorder
  • My speciality is between the ages of 3-12

*This call does not substitute medical advice or an OT evaluation, assessment or in person consultation.
*This call is strictly for educational and informational purposes, no direct guidance, home programs or strategies are able to be given out.


Join Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions

Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions is a parent 10 week course and group coaching program that guides parents in supporting their sensory sensitive children at home. S.W.S. uses a step-wise-”just right challenge” method to make wearing new clothes, trying new foods, bathroom & grooming, messy play and tolerating loud sounds easier and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

The next Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Program will launch in summer 2022.